Retirement Planning

Everyone knows that the sooner you start your retirement accumulation plan, the more money you should have at retirement.  Saving for retirement is often times referring to as accumulation planning or return on your money.  Once retired, you will enter the income distribution phase or retirement income planning or return of your money.

Starting retirement is similar to starting a mountain climb because you have food, water, a group and climbing up so the risk and danger is quite low, on the other hand climbing down a mountain is much more different.  The risk and danger are much higher due to fatigue, lack of food and water, lack of oxygen, exhaustion and lack of a group to provide support.  This is very similar to retirement Income planning.  It is easier to accumulate assets for retirement.  However it is much more difficult to manage the assets throughout retirement while making sure not to run out of assets during ones retirement.

We specialize in comprehensive retirement income planning.  Our 4 step process incorporates:

  • a written analysis of your existing plan
  • a written plan of your existing dreams and goals, budget, and steps to accomplish your goals,
  • a written forecast using a software program will show you your projected income and distribution, the effect it will have on the portfolio and confidence factor of not outliving your assets and full service package of providing health insurance, retirement planning, tax planning and estatement planning.

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